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Meeting the challenges of tomorrow, today

Reducing production costs while improving quality, productivity and efficiency through optimization of critical resources, are just some of the challenges facing today’s metals industry. Producers must reduce the environmental impact of their operations under stringent regulations. The industry requires oxygen, nitrogen, and argon, for applications from oxygen enrichment for blast furnaces to surface protection and degasification.

Air Liquide supplies industrial gases in massive volumes via pipelines or on-site production units as well as storage infrastructure, monitoring and maintenance. We leverage our skills and innovative technologies to provide safe, reliable, and competitive gas-supply solutions for diverse needs. If your operations require medium or small volumes of industrial gases, we can deliver them to your facility in bulk or in cylinders. We are your partner for the long haul.


Select a step where Air Liquide intervenes in your value chain.

Why Choose Us?

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    Reliable and reproducible, Air Liquide gas solutions are compliant with the ever-evolving, stringent regulations.

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    Environmentally friendly

    Environmentally friendly equipment designed with aim to reduce carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions.

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    Industry leader

    Air Liquide is a leading global supplier of industrial gases such as oxygen, nitrogen and argon, all essential to the metals industry.

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    A global network of industry experts is available to support you in developing solutions to meet your unique challenges. Our teams have extensive experience and expertise

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    Air Liquide’s industry experts are backed by a global R&D network.

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    Customizable solutions

    Our teams will work with you to identify the most appropriate, cost-effective, gas supply mode based on your purity, flow, volume and safety requirements.