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Meeting environmental regulations while reducing environmental impact

Remaining productive while minimizing environmental impact during operations is today’s challenge. We help you reduce emissions, improve wastewater treatment operations for maximum reuse of materials and comply with increasingly strict regulations.

Air Liquide is a leading manufacturer of industrial and specialty gases and related gas handling equipment. We specialise in environmental emissions monitoring and calibration for water treatment, stack testing and trash-to-steam applications.

Water treatment

At Air Liquide, we master applications using gas technology to treat water, recycle metal, recover solvents, analyze air quality and valorize waste. Focused on performance, we go beyond gas and propose a full expertise for client needs. We work with our customers in the way that suits them best.


Select a step where Air Liquide intervenes in your value chain.

Why Choose Us?

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    Compliance experts

    Easily meeting EPA environmental compliance regulations.

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    You can depend on our unique production technologies and ISO-accredited facilities for all product reliability.

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    Industry experts

    Our advice on enhancing gas-use efficiency for treatment of water, air and solid waste is based on years of proven industry knowledge and experience.

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    R&D support network

    Our global network of application experts, engineering, research and development teams provide optimum solutions for any given need.