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pH control

Using carbon dioxide to control the pH of a site's wastewater offers measurable safety and cost advantages over treatment systems that employ toxic and corrosive mineral acids such as sulfuric acid. Carbon dioxide is a safer alternative that minimizes environmental exposure and the risk of catastrophic accidental injuries. This low-cost treatment option substantially reduces the ongoing process, infrastructure, maintenance and compliance costs. In addition, our carbon dioxide pH control solution reduces the high cost required to deliver, store and use hazardous mineral acids – including the ongoing degradation costs of equipment exposed to the corrosive effects of acid.



Air Liquide’s water treatment specialists will evaluate your site and design a specific solution for your needs.

Using oxygen to increase the dissolved oxygen content of wastewater results in better system health and operability. If the current system is unable to handle increased loading or more stringent discharge requirements, then oxygen can save you a major capital investment. Our wastewater treatment solutions can impact dissolved oxygen. The removal of excess gases from air injection can easily decrease VOC emissions. Our oxygen injection systems can also reduce the amount of BOD and COD in water treatment plants and meet the strictest water permit limits.


We offer equipment to meet specific carbon dioxide requirements, including a variety of injection methods and control techniques. 

Our equipment meets specific oxygen consumption requirements, including VENTOXALTM and TURBOXALTM.