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Automotive Value Chain Steps
Select a step where Air Liquide intervenes in your value chain.

Cryo-grinding and deflashing

Cryo-grinding, or freeze-grinding, involves cooling a material to low or very low temperatures with a cryogenic fluid – typically liquid nitrogen or liquid carbon dioxide – in order to produce particles with a narrow size distribution. Cryogenic technology makes it possible to process soft or heat-sensitive products more efficiently without the risk of degradation.

In addition, cryo-grinding can increase productivity and lower power costs. By embrittling the material, fine powder can be obtained easily and with a minimum expenditure of energy. In general, this technique allows greater amounts of substance to be treated, however, overall quantities usually remain relatively small, around several kilograms per hour.


Why Choose Us?

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    Diverse offer

    We offer gas cylinders in various volumes and concentrations and all associated gas handling equipment. We also supply bulk volumes and storage solutions, as well as on-site production technologies.

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    Focus on compliance

    Purity, accuracy, reliability and speed of delivery of our specialty gases improve analysis reliability for added compliance assurance.

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    Air Liquide manufactures gases in a range of purities to meet your needs. We can analyze for specific impurities based on your request.

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    A global network of industry experts is available to support you in developing solutions to meet your unique challenges. Our teams have extensive experience and expertise in automotive industry applications.

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    Air Liquide’s industry experts are backed by a global R&D network.

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    Our ARCAL™, LASAL™ and FLAMAL™ brand products for metal fabrication were designed with the environment in mind, enabling reduced carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions.