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ALPHAGAZ™ is Air Liquide's premium brand of specialty gases for analytical applications, including pure gases and mixtures. Pure gases have only two categories to choose from (ALPHAGAZ™ 1 and ALPHAGAZ™ ) and are easy to use thanks to the SMARTOP™ valve.

For mixtures, the ALPHAGAZ™ Mix range features 4 product categories to choose from depending on accuracy and blend tolerance requirements, including top industry guarantees and accreditations.

ALPHAGAZ™ products are available through our catalog or on-demand for some calibration mixtures.


  • Simpler choices
  • Consistent, reliable service
  • Quality you can depend on

What type of analytical gases do you require?

  • Pure gases for carrier, purge, and zero​ : ALPHAGAZ™ 1, ALPHAGAZ™ 2
  • Mixtures for calibration & instrumentation : ALPHAGAZ™ Mix

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